VisualListVisualList (free or upgrade to 99 cents) is a very useful and excellent app to have on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. It can be used in many different ways and for a variety of functions. I set up a grocery list with pictures of the items that I needed (you can either get the images online or take the photo yourself). When I arrived at the supermarket, I gave the grocery list to my child and she helped me keep track of what we needed and checked off what we already picked up. I have tried other lists in the past but this app seems to work the best. You can create all different types of lists including items for a birthday party, errands you need to run, etc. It is ideal for a child of any age but extremely useful for someone who is at the pre-literacy stage. The picture with the word helps improve literacy skills. It also helps your little one participate in  everyday errands and keeps them focused in places that may be chaotic. Bring your list to the farmers market, the pharmacy or to the toy store! Sit down with your child and make up the list together. This list can be very useful for the elderly populations as well as children and adults with disabilities. Endless possibilities!

Follow up App: i See-quence …Going to Grocery Store

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