Story Smart Book1: Trudy Goes to the Beach

trudy goes to the beachStory Smart Books ($3.99) by Ruby Cube Inc has created wonderful story apps to help improve language skills, reading comprehension, social skills, narrative skills and literacy. They are targeted for children with autism, ADHD and other social challenges who are literate but can be also used for children who are typical as well.  However, if your child is not literate yet, you can read the story to them and they can help you choose the correct answers.

There are several stories that this company has created. I have “Trudy Goes to the Beach” which takes you through many different situations that you need choose the most appropriate and expected behavior. I love this app because as you change to the expected and appropriate behavior, the picture changes and you get an auditory cue that you have chosen the correct answer.

The stories are presented with few visual distractions which helps a child focus on the one picture on the top and the words below. You get to create your own  “yes” and “no” sounds which is another smart idea. Since many children with sensory and attention issues tend to be sensitive to certain auditory stimuli, choosing your “yes” and “no” is a great idea. Check out their other story, Casey’s Big Day which you can buy on itunes now. There are other stories that will be out soon. Check them out here.

Carryover Idea: Do this activity over mealtime. Have your child or children participate by choosing the correct answer. If you have two children they can take turns and one can record the “yes” sound the other child can record the “no” sound. Be creative and have fun with this app!


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