Story Smart 2: Casey’s Big Day

casey's big dayCasey’s Big Day is another innovative app from Ruby Cube Inc. See my last review for Trudy Goes to the Beach.

Casey has anxiety about his first day of 5th grade. As the player, your child will help get Casey successfully through the day. As your child chooses the correct responses, the visuals change to reflect your answer. This app is optimal to do with your child so you can discuss the responses.

What I love about this app and the other apps that Ruby Cube Inc creates is that the visuals are clear and not overstimulating. I also like that the child gets to choose their own “yes” and “no” sounds which makes it motivating and familiar.  Casey’s Big Day targets and helps to recognize appropriate behavior when beginning school, feelings, and being in a group when it’s noisy and crowded.

Mealtime is an optimal time to discuss your child’s school day. Discuss why certain behaviors are inappropriate and help problem solve with your child on how to improve behavior and language in a specific  situation. For example, ask your child, “Would you put your backpack on teacher or on the coat rack?”. Discuss how your child and others would feel about certain behaviors (e.g. “How would your teacher feel if you told him his shirt was ugly?”).  What I have learned as a parent is that it is much easier to talk about certain behaviors when they are not happening in front of you at the moment!

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