Step by Story: Happy Family in the Kitchen

Happy Family in the Kitchen is a fun and educational app that I recently downloaded from the app store. I love apps that encourage a child to create and tell stories in a fun and playful manner. This app is ideal for a child ages 2.5-5. The app begins with three sections, “Play”, “Make” and “Silly”.  In the “Make” section the child has to fill in five blank boxes to create their own story in the kitchen. After you choose what you want in your story, it plays it back to you. The story can be as silly as you want to make it.

There are many language concepts that can be targeted when playing this app including the following: narrative (story telling), sequencing, syntax, combining words into sentences, prepositions, commenting (that’s silly, etc), pronouns, actions and improving receptive and expressive vocabulary (learning new vocabulary in the kitchen). Laugh and have fun with your child reading your silly stories. You can even share them with others!

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