Sneak a Snack

Sneak_a_SnackHas anyone ever stolen your snack and you didn’t know who it was? In my house if it isn’t my husband, it’s definitely my hound dog.

Sneak A Snack HD ($2.99 for iPad version, $.99 cents for iPhone/iPod version) is an interactive story of a boy named Alexander who makes a super deluxe snack downstairs but gets distracted and has to run upstairs to help his mother. When he comes downstairs,  his snack is gone. Who took it?

This app is very fascinating with it’s 3D features which makes it super entertaining for a child ages 4 and up. The story is simple, funny and engaging. The child can almost feel like they are part of the story with the ability to tilt the screen and see parts of the scene you wouldn’t be able to see without the cool features of the app.

I think a couple of things would further benefit this app. First, I would suggest adding  a feature that you have to read each page before advancing to the next page. It can be very easy for a child to get excited and skip through pages because they want to see what’s next.  It would also be great for Sneak a Snack to have questions and/or activities throughout the story to further engage the child and test their knowledge of the story which would make it more educational and language rich. Another cool feature would be for the player to choose the snack. I look forward to any future updates!

sneak a snack screenshot

 Carryover Activities: Review the story with your child and ask them questions about the story. Ask them to recall information and “retell” you the story. Take screenshots to use as visuals to help your child remember the scenes. Turn the sound off and have your child read you the story. Throughout the story, ask your child “Who do you think stole Alexander’s snack?”. Have fun and enjoy the interactive features 🙂

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