Reducing Stress with Contimusic

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Tom and Christine Conti, the founders of Emotion Transitional Music Therapy. As a speech language pathologist who works with children and adults with varying disabilities, I have seen first hand the positive and calming effect of music on my clients, specifically those with Autism. Although Contimusic is for everyone (adults and children), it is not created specifically for those with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders.

Listening to the right kind of music can help alter your emotional status, inspire reflection, and put you in a more balanced state. Whether you have a child with special needs or just need a strategy to help relax and reduce your stress, listening to certain music can help. As parents, we have a lot of daily stress and finding ways to relieve some of that stress through music can be very therapeutic. After receiving their two albums, Modern Classics and Reflections, I started listening to the music when writing articles, reports and reviews. I really liked the music and it made me feel more relaxed and focused.

I was interested in Contimusic because it also includes not only albums for daily listening but also guided meditation. I interviewed the creators of Conti below to share some more information with you.

I am excited to share this interview with you about Conti Music and Emotion Transitional Music Therapy. I want to personally thank Christine and Tom Conti for answering my questions and sharing their wonderful music with me and my readers.

1. Can you discuss what Emotion Transitional Music Therapy is? Basically, it is emotionally stirring music that is designed to help transition the listener out of a negative emotional state – the music also incorporates all of our previously used therapy techniques (binaural stimulation, bilateral stimulation, isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment etc.) in such a way that they do not compromise the sound of the actual music.

2. What inspired you and Chris and to develop this program? While the name Contimusic is relatively new, we have actually been making music therapy albums for nearly ten years. We try to keep up with all of the latest research in the field of sound therapy so that we are always improving on what we do. Stress reduction and Mental health are very important topics for us and we believe with ETMT we have come up with something that can really help people to feel better.

3. I see that you created a guided meditation album. Can you please tell me more about this? I really like using Guided Meditation and I also like writing and recording these types of albums. I believe they are very helpful for people who have busy lives and are looking for something they can use while on their breaks at work, at lunch or whenever they find they have a bit of free time. People today are living with constant stress and many people struggle to find time to do anything good for themselves. I believe that if more people would try meditation this world would be a better place. Lots of people find regular meditation too difficult because they are unable to quiet their minds and just be. If that is the case, a short guided meditation is optimal – it allows people to relax while using their imagination – they focus on the mental scene, thus quieting everything else that is going on in their mind.

4. Besides those with anxiety and stress, what other individuals would benefit from your music therapy? Everyone. There is not one person who would not benefit but, most often the average person does not look for this type of music until there is a stress or anxiety problem. Our belief is that most mental health issues stem from stress. If we do not get rid of our daily stress in a healthy way, we are setting ourselves up for some kind of health problem in the future. One of the easiest things to do is to listen to some kind of relaxing music.

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