Preschool EduKitchen

Preschool EduKitchen is a fun and entertaining educational app to play with your child ages 3-5 (priced at $1.99). It incorporates many learning concepts to teach your child including categorization, matching, expanding vocabulary, following directions, counting, arranging food from large to small (or vice versa) and many others. There are 18 games in total and you can easily customize it to have your child only work on certain concepts. EduKitchen teaches you how to cook certain items (e.g. eggs) and also what items go in to the recycling bin, how to set a table (which can be very helpful to any mom) and what goes in the dishwasher. It discusses healthy foods and asks the child to choose the healthy food among burgers, fries and other less healthy items. I think that this app incorporates many functional learning concepts that you and your child will both enjoy. Although, getting your iPad back once you show this to your child might be difficult 🙂 (speaking from personal experience)

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