More Buffet

More Buffet (ages 3 and up) incorporates international food and encourages choice making and learning about countries all around the world (and the food they eat). It begins with selecting a country on a 3D globe that you can spin and zoom. Once you choose the country, you can add food from that specific country to your plate. This teaches your children (and you!) about various foods from different countries. It also teaches what flags and colors are associated with each country and where that specific country is located. This app can help your children explore new foods without actually eating them. This app can also get you prepared to go to a special restaurant or if you are having a special dinner either at your house or  a friends house.

As far as language goes, this app is endless in helping increase vocabulary of new foods, countries, choice making, describing, categorization, colors, and many more. etc. In addition it helps your child try something new!

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