Learning Language with Early Comprehension Story Wheels

As an educator, I love exploring different educational products that can be used both in my home and for therapy with my students. After visiting my local Lakeshore Learning Educational Store, I found this great product called Early Comprehension Story Wheels. I love these story wheels because it incorporates both pictures and text. The activity was simple but had the ability to expand and work on a variety of language skills. I found this product easy to modify and I was able to use it with a variety of my clients with all different cognitive abilities. The activity incorporates answering “wh” questions, narrative development, expanding on vocabulary, improving literacy and auditory comprehension, sequencing and recalling information. For my clients who use augmentative and alternative communication, the answer section with the fill in the blank lines helped them create sentence starters on their communication devices. For my other clients who are verbal, the story wheels helped them recall the answers to the questions with the sentence starter there to help. Each early comprehension wheel can help a child learn main characters, setting & events, as well as using illustrations & details to describe the key and main ideas of the story. There are 25 wheels with four questions on each wheel. The wheel also has answers in the back to help assist the students when checking their answers. The answers are also helpful for the teacher or therapist if the wheel is facing the student and the teachers are asking the questions.

Do you want more tips in helping to facilitate communication? Check out my free printable with the Dyslexie Font on Tips to Help Facilitate Language!


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