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lala lunchbox collageWith September approaching, it’s back to packing lunches again! Do you have a child with allergies? How about a picky eater? How about a child that wants to choose their own packed lunch? 

LaLa Lunchbox is a free, fun, functional and convenient app that can help you and your child decide what to pack for lunch with guidelines and a a variety of choices. When children choose their own lunch, they are more likely to eat it.   The app allows you to control the amount of food items that can go in the lunchbox and can be easily edited by adding or removing items (e.g can add your child’s favorite sandwich or snack to the lunchbox). For a faster choice, save your favorite meals as “favorites”.

Does your child have allergies or on a special diet? Lala Lunchbox has in app purchases for children who have allergies so the choices can be tailored for them. The bundles that can be purchased are dairy free, gluten free, kosher, nut free, vegetarian and kosher. The bundles also include 25 lunch packing ideas for inspiration. Hit preview and you can view all of your choices in each individual bundle.

LaLa Lunchbox allows you to create a grocery list of all of the foods selected which makes shopping easy. This is an app best done together so that you can explain and monitor their choices to give them a variety of foods.

Looking for ideas? Check out some ideas here! They are also available on the app itself.

Language Tips: Categorization (food groups), following directions, literacy (recognizing names of foods and adding name for lunchbox), counting (how many snacks can you have in your lunch?) and expanding vocabulary. What is a protein? What is the difference between fruits and vegetables? This can also be a great opportunity to explore new foods.

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