Kid in Story Book Maker

kid in storyDo you want to help build your child’s narrative and sequencing skills? Try this app, “Kid In Story” ($6.99). It is a great app to help build your child’s ability to create and retell stories. This app is  super easy to create stories and is very child friendly (and parent friendly)! The next time you are making a fun dessert or engaging in a fun activity (like going to the zoo, visiting family, etc) with your little one, take some pictures with your iPad and create a story. You can add fun backgrounds, audio and text. Kid in Story also comes with a bunch of stories to give you some ideas. When using this app, you can help expand your child’s vocabulary, build literacy, help improve sentence construction, improve commenting and much more. To use at mealtime, take screen shots and print the pages out. Laminate the pages and bind them. You have your own book that you can use at mealtime!

Storytelling is crucial for children. What is more exciting for a child than coming home and relaying something important that happened at school, at lunchtime or on a play date?  It can be very frustrating for some children who want to convey a story but don’t know how to due to difficulties with their narrative, sequencing and language skills. Start with this app and create simple and fun stories that are motivating and easy to follow along. This app is also great for children with special needs to help create social stories!


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