iPrompts Pro, A Review

iprompts proDo you have a child with special needs? Are you looking for an app to create social stories? Are you also looking for an app with visual supports and videos that can model appropriate social behavior?

What is a social story? From my perspective, I would define a social story as  a story or script that you create in order to model a certain behavior you want to achieve (e.g. appropriate greetings, having an appropriate conversation, transitioning, etc). I use social stories both in therapy and at home with my own children. To see how Carol Gray describes social stories, click here.

I was immediately interested in iPrompts PRO because of Carol Gray. I am a big fan of Carol Gray’s work and use it often when I work with adults with developmental disabilities. I find her approach and strategies practical and easy to incorporate into a therapy session. I have found her books and resources extremely useful during many aspects of my therapy sessions. When I came across iPrompts Pro, I noticed they sold their apps separately or together as a suite. What attracted me to the suite was that there were many features included in one app.  What I have always found challenging during therapy, is constantly going in and out of an app to get to a choice board, a social story, a timer, etc. This can break up the session and may cause you to “lose the moment”. With the iPrompts Pro app, you can create a social story, a choice board, a schedule board and use video modeling all within one app. Also included are a library of pictures, a visual timer, an academy section (with information for parents and therapists), a voice chart and voice match.  I found building a social story with the app easy and I appreciated that you can email and print the stories (the choices and schedules can be emailed as well). This can very useful for children to bring the stories and other visual supports back and forth from home to school. It is also a great app for a parent to purchase for a beginner communicator (a child or adult who is non verbal or minimally verbal who is just learning to communicate with pictures).

I think what sets this app apart from other apps is that it is research based. The company has a few research studies going on now and has already had successful studies done in the past. For more information about the research, click here.

To check out the app on itunes, click here.

The app is currently priced at $99.99 which can be pricey but it does include a lot of features and can be valuable for children with special needs within both a classroom and the home. I hope that they come out with a free version in the future so that others can view a couple of the features before purchasing the app. Stay tuned!



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