In-Sync Activity Cards

in sync activity cardsDoes your child have trouble sitting down at meals? Does your child also have sensory processing issues? If so, check out these In-Sync Activity Cards that are made for children with sensory processing issues. I think many parents struggle to have their child sit down at a meal especially those who have hyperactive children with  sensory processing issues. I, myself still struggle with this and are always trying to find ways to have my family sit down for a nice calm quiet meal (with books included of course!). If your child struggles to keep their body calm during meals, try these activity cards before a meal. Depending on what activity you choose (they are separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced), different skills can be targeted. For example, before dinner I might have my child choose three activities. One can be “copycat” for example which helps improve body awareness, motor planning and visual processing. With this “copycat” activity, the card gives you instructions, what the activity does to “help develop and enhance”, “ways to make the activity more challenging” and “what to look for”. With many of the activities, you need no equipment which makes it super easy. Engaging in some short sensory activities before mealtime can help make your meals more successful.

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