Healthy Helpings A MyPlate Game

healthy helpings Do you want to teach your children the food groups? Try playing this game; Healthy Helpings, A MyPlate Game. When I was investigating some resources for training staff at my work about nutrition, I came across this game on Amazon. My close friend who is a registered dietitian, Allison Topilow recommended the site for valuable resources on nutrition. I decided to purchase Healthy Helpings to see what the game was all about and see if was appropriate for a variety of ages. When the game arrived, I was happy to see that the game was simple, colorful, and all 50 foods were photographs.

The game includes four place mats with the five food groups (Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Protein and Dairy), 50 foods and a spinner. During each turn, your child spins the spinner. Depending on what category he or she land on they have to place the correct food in the appropriate food group. If your child lands on vegetable, he or she has to find a vegetable and place it correctly on their place mat. Whoever fills their mat first, wins the game! There is also an opportunity to “give” food and “take” food from another player. This game teaches food groups,, turn taking, expand vocabulary, build comprehension of categories, and improve literacy. This game is also excellent for teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities. Since the game is all print and just photographs (with the exception of the cover of the game), it is appropriate to use with a variety of ages and populations.

To learn more about this game, go to the Learning Resources website here.


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