Food App: Matzah Ball Builder

This app I came across when searching for Passover apps for my children. I was curious and decided to download it (it was 99 cents so it wasn’t much of an investment). The app is like a Mr. Potato Head for the Matzah Ball. You can choose various backgrounds and body parts. I would love to see an update with some music and actions [like making the Matzah Ball dance or have him swim in some soup:)]. This is a great app to sit with your child and do together because they may need some help navigating through the body parts. As far as language concepts go, you can target colors, body parts, gender, size concepts (big, small), describing, “what’s missing?” and commenting to just name a few. This app also forces you to put the body parts in the right place (versus other apps which automatically put it in place). This can be a great app to play before making or having some Matzoh Ball soup for your next meal.

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