Toca Tea Party

I highly recommend Toca Tea Party as both a food and language app. This app is ideal for a child ages 3 + years old. With this app you can set up your own tea party, serve your guests tea and various snacks, eat them and then clean up. In order to set the table, you have to match the shapes and move the dishes, cups and snacks to the correct place on the tablecloth. When all of the food is eaten, the dishes get washed. This really helps children sequence what should occur in a tea party. It also teaches your child how to clean up the mess when a tea spills (with a tissue). This is a great way to practice having a tea party. It would be ideal to have your own tea party to carryover these skills. With this app you can work with your child on pretend play, colors, choice making, shapes, turn taking, naming the various desserts, describing, commenting, turn taking, problem solving and sequencing to name a few! It can also give you great ideas on what to bake for your next tea party with your little one.

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