Flip ‘N’ Check

Flip n check1Are you traveling over the vacation? Are you looking for a fun non electronic option for your child? Try Flip ‘N’ Check! A couple of weeks ago when I was doing an author event for The Monkey Balloon at Dolphin Bookshop in Port Washington, I met Pam Chmiel, the co-founder of this fun and inventive dry erase activity game. When I first arrived at the bookstore, I thought Pam worked there because she had tons of children at her table playing actively with her Flip ‘N’ Check games. I decided to pick one up myself for my own daughter who loves it! 

What is Flip ‘N’ Check? It contains over 20 games including puzzles, mazes, word searches and more. All you have to do is take the activity sheet and place it under the clear sheet to use with your dry erase pen. It is totally reusable and portable for long trips or short car rides. I found it to be really useful for bringing with you to a restaurant. Restaurants can be difficult for children who find it hard to wait and having an activity book can be really handy!

flip n check2

When I began speaking with Pam about her product, I was really impressed with her inspiration for creating this product. She discussed how Flip ‘N’ Check is a non for profit company dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship to teens. The latest participants are from Stuyvesant High School in NYC.

Who developed the idea for this product? Dr. Howard Wexler, the inventor of the classic game of Connect 4. He donated this first toy idea to this project. Do you want to learn more about this project? Click here.

To learn more about Flip ‘N’ Check, check out there website here. To see a demonstration of this product, check it out here:




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