Easy Bake Treats

Easy Bake Treats app is free! First great thing. Memories of easy bake oven growing up, second great thing! Great for ages 3 and up.

When I saw this app I was excited because I loved the graphics. They were simple and the photographs were so realistic. My son even tried to eat the cupcake off the screen (I am NOT kidding!). After some cleaning of my screen and a simple explanation why we don’t eat the screen, we worked on building our cupcake and cookie. With this app, you get to choose a cupcake (great opportunity to work on colors).  Then you are asked to “mix batter” (great way to encourage literacy, sight word vocabulary and actions). Then you are asked to fill the batter (you can work on numbers and counting during this section), bake it and then decorate it.  This app is fun and educational because it targets many language concepts such as colors, the alphabet, sight word vocabulary, actions, increasing vocabulary, answering “wh” questions, problem solving, and sequencing.  It also helps children prepare for baking cupcakes, a cake or cookies all by themselves.

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