Do You Like Pie? Improving Speech through Music

speech musicDo you have a child with apraxia? How about a speech and language delay? Check out this CD, titled Do You Like Pie? by Pam Marshalla, speech language pathologist. The CD includes 10 songs that help facilitate speech that can be used in the car, at home, in therapy or on the go. Each song has repeating phonemes, syllables and words, which can help children with speech and language delays and/or apraxia of speech to participate and sing along with the songs. The songs are also an excellent opportunity to expand their vocabulary and participate in a fun activity with their parents, friends and/or therapists.

Music helps facilitate speech because it can provide an ideal opportunity to practice speech. According to Pam Marshalla, “When learning songs, preschool children usually pick up on the repeating parts first. For example, when learning The Wheels on the Bus, young children usually sing the “round and round” part first. This natural ability can be used to help children with their speech-language skills. The songs on Do You Like Pie? each have repeating parts that encourage basic speech-language skills.”

The CD is also unique in that each song is sung by a specific character with specific speech goals. For example, in the song, Baby Bobby, the character is sung by a baby that is learning to talk. With this specific song, the target sound are words that start with “B”. Pam Marshalla suggests that you first listen to the CD and then discuss the character with your child. After your child hears the song a couple of times, use the guide that Pam provides to help work on speech and language goals.

To access the speech and language guide for this CD, click here.

To purchase the CD and check out the songs, visit’s Pam’s website here.

pam marshallaPam Marshalla completed a Master’s Thesis in phonology under the direction of Elaine Pagel Paden and Barbara Williams Hodson in 1976. She is the author of ten books, one standardized assessment tool, one children’s music CD, and several published articles related to speech-language pathology. Pam is a “clinician’s clinician” whose practical books and seminars successfully integrate research data and clinical experience.

Pam Marshalla, MA-CCC, SLP passed away on June 8, 2015 after battling leukemia.

I am honored to share her CD on my blog because I have always had the utmost respect for Pam and her work. She was a passionate, dedicated and intelligent speech language pathologist.

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