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Do you want your child to learn new languages? How about exposing them to art and the city of Paris? Check out Crêpes by Suzette by Monica Wellington!

I am excited to review this app created by Monica Wellington called Crêpes by Suzette. (currently priced at $1.99).  About two years ago, I reviewed the book, Crêpes by Suzette. The illustrations were engaging and attractive, the story was interesting, and I loved the way the author integrated learning French words into the story. When I contacted Monica, she told me about future plans to create an app with this wonderful book. I was thrilled to hear from Monica a couple of weeks about the release of Crêpes by Suzette app.

After downloading the app, I immediately noticed the variety of interactive features on the app. With this app, you can read the book, check out different landmarks of Paris within each page or on a map, watch videos of crepe making, and learn how to speak key words in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Each page in the book has one key word that is translated into these six different languages when you navigate to the “vocabulary page”. My children and I had a lot of fun with this app and they learned a ton of new words in different languages!

crepes by suzette map

In the book, Crêpes by Suzette, the main character Suzette (the Parisian crêpe maker and street cart vendor) takes her cart through the streets of Paris and makes delicious crêpes along the way. She meets a postman who orders a strawberry crêpe, children who request chocolate crêpes and the shopper who likes crêpes sprinkled with sugar. On each page, there is the ability to activate each character on the page who all speak the key word in different voices. For example, in this page below, after the text is read the reader can activate Suzette, the postman, the bird, the bunny, the dog, etc. Each character will say “Bonjour” in a different voice. When you navigate back to the vocabulary page, you can learn what Bonjour means and how you can translate it into five different languages. There is also a link to the “art” page which describes the art within each scene. This app can not only teach your child, but you can learn some fun facts as well!

crepes suzette postman


Helpful TipsWith this app, there are many language concepts that can be targeted:

1. Sequencing and the order of events in the book.

2. Expanding vocabulary in different languages.

3. Answering “wh” questions regarding the story.

4. Learning about the name of artists and history.

5. Improving visual awareness (ask your child “What does your bird say?” have your child point to the bird).

6. Following directions.

7. Learning new places within a new city. Take out a map and show your child where you live and then where Suzette the crepe maker lives.

8. Recalling information. Ask your child to recall where Suzette has gone and who she has met.

9. Describing and commenting. Have your child describe the scene and comment about what Suzette is doing.

10. Literacy: As your child reads the book, he or she will learn to recognize new words.

To download the app, click here.

Check out Suzette’s crepes recipe here.

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