Building Language with Mr. and Ms. Food Plates

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Do you struggle at mealtime with your children? As parents we have all had our challenging meals and want to make mealtime a fun and relaxing experience. On top of making it fun and relaxing, it’s even more ideal when we can facilitate language and help build our children’s skills when spending time together. I wanted to share these Mr. and Mrs. Plates with you today with some fun and functional carryover activities to help build language with your little one. Before working on these goals, show your child the plate and discuss what they see. Is it a girl or a boy? How can you tell? Not only are these plates fun, it also forces you to add a variety of foods on a plate. Remember, the more colorful the plate, the better! To learn more about having  your child eat a rainbow diet, click here.

Here are some fun language and learning activities for your child when eating with your Ms. and Mr. Food Plates!

helpful tips

1. Body Parts: Work on labeling and identifying body parts related to your face such as eyes, nose, ears, eyebrows, etc. Ask your child to “show me your ears”, etc.

2. Prepositions: Work on prepositions such as “on”, “under”, “above”, etc. Put your peas above the mouth. Ask your child questions and see if they can tell you using prepositions.

3. Commenting: This is an ideal time to comment! Get your child to describe and comment about their plate. Is it funny? Silly? Messy?

4. Accessories: Does your child’s food plate have earrings? How about a headband. Another perfect opportunity to expand vocabulary!

5. Big vs. small: Have fun with this activity by using different sizes and work on the concept of “big” and “small”

6. Answering Wh questions: Ask your child “wh” questions such as “What does your face look like?”, “What foods did you use?”

7. Naming your plate: Have your child name their plate. Are you using spaghetti? Name your plate Mrs. Spaghetti or Ms. Spaghetti Patetti

8. Learn Shapes and Colors: Take the food and create different shapes. Use different colors and model language for your child. For example, say “I like how you used your red strawberries for ears”.

9. Same vs. Different: Compare and contrast plates between your children. If you only have one plate, take a picture during separate occasions and compare your child’s works of art. How are they the same? How are they different?

10. Actions: Work on actions such as “put on”, “take off”, “eat”, “cut”, etc. There are tons of opportunities to model some actions with this activity!

I discovered these cool Mr. and Mrs. plates on a website called Uncommon Goods. I was contacted by this company to pick out some favorite items and share some language tips! To buy Mr. Plate, click here.  to buy Ms. Plate, click here.

Please note that these plates are ceramic, so they might not be ideal for a younger child. Do you have a little one under 3?  Check out these plates below!

construction plategarden plate

The construction and garden plates are plastic, BPA free and ideal for younger children. You can purchase fun utensils separately that go along with the theme of the plate (see above). The utensils are easy to hold and help facilitate imaginative play. I like that each plate has the word of the utensil printed on the plate to help a child learn sight words such as “fork”, “spoon”, and “pusher”. These plates will make your mealtime enjoyable and get your child to clean their plate of food. To purchase the construction plate, click here. To purchase the garden plate, click here.

Uncommon Goods is a company based out of Brooklyn that is an online marketplace that focuses on unique designs and is dedicated to helping the environment and not using any products that have harm to animals or humans. 1/3 of their products are made from recycle or upcycled materials. Most of the products are made in the US and the company believes in paying their workers above minimum wage, which I also find admirable. Half of their entire collection is made by hand which I find very unique and uncommon!

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