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action in videoDo you have a child with special needs that struggles with language and building sentences for functional speech? Is your child minimally verbal or have problems with syntax?

I wanted to share an excellent app that I have found to be very useful in therapy called Actions in Video. This app was created by speech therapist named Geraldine Moran who works with children with special needs in the public schools in Ireland. Actions in Video is a tool to teach a child every day action words and includes over 49 core actions. Each action has three different videos to help a child develop a better understanding of the action. The actions were chosen based on research from the MacArthur Bates Communicative Development Inventories and the Down Syndrome Vocabulary Worksheets. To learn more about this, click here.

I really like the videos because they are short, simple and concrete. I also like that the app includes videos of both real children and adults which makes it appropriate to use with a variety of ages (such as picture of this man throwing a ball). There is also a lite version that you can try before committing to purchase the full app. throwoing action

When you open the app, you can choose between working on action + object (“blow” + “bubbles”) or person  + action + object (“girl” + “blow” + “bubbles”).  After completing the task of combining the words into a phrase or sentence, you have the option of recording.

splashingbrushing hair

I wanted to include speech and language goals with this review because I have found this app to be so useful and motivating!

Speech and Language Goals

1. Expand Vocabulary

2. Identify and label actions

3. Improve commenting

4. Improve syntax

5. Improve use of pronouns

6. Increase mean length of utterance

7. Improve literacy by learning the words associated with the pictures

8.Improve categorization skills (can learn to categorize actions, pronouns, and objects)

9. Differentiate between “young” and “old” by choosing between “girl” and “woman” and “boy” and “man”

10. Improve ability to combine symbols into sentences (an excellent training tool for someone who use augmentative and alternative communication)

Carryover Activities at Mealtime: Take some short videos during mealtime and have your child create their own sentences! If your child is an emerging reader, use pictures with the words. These pictures can be created by you or found from an online resource (such as Boardmaker Online or Symbol Stix).

To learn more about this app, check out their website here.

To download the app, click here.

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