This website is written by me and only me. I have no financial relationship with any of the food websites and/or blogs that I received original recipes from. I happen to love these websites that have inspired me to try new things and explore new flavors and techniques. Whenever I list a recipe as a specific diet, I make sure to check each product carefully.  Brands vary so make sure to check the labels carefully. If your little one is especially sensitive you also want to make sure to check if its made in a facility that may have traces of an ingredient that she or he is allergic to.

Where do I get my books and apps from?

From time to time, I will receive promo codes for apps and get review copies from authors or publication companies. Publications companies that I receive review copies of children’s books from on occasion include Penguin Random House and Abram Books. All of my reviews are based on my personal opinion whether I get them free of charge or pay for them myself.  I am not paid for my reviews on my website. My recommendations are based on my experience as a parent and a speech language pathologist.

I hope that these tips, recipes and suggestions on books, apps and toys are helpful for you and your family.  I want to also inspire other moms to make mealtime easier for your family and use it is another opportunity to build on language skills.

Writers who I have interviewed on my blog may have conflicts of interest, and their opinions are their own. Their views and opinions are purely their own and do not reflect my own thoughts or opinions unless otherwise noted. In addition, any articles that are not authored by me may also not share my perspective and opinions. These articles are shared for my readers for various reasons (e.g. help them understand a particular topic, perspective, etc)