The Water Princess

The Water Princess written by Susan Verde and Georgie Badiel and illustrated by Peter H Reynolds is a thoughtful, poetic and beautiful book about the efforts of a young girl named Princess Gie Gie. This book is written and illustrated based on the childhood experience of Georgie Badiel. As a young girl, Georgie Badiel would have to walk for miles … [Read more...]

City Block

City Block written by Christopher Fanceschelli illustrated by Peskimo is an engaging, colorful and interesting book ideal for toddlers and preschool children. The book contains simple language with engaging pictures of various actions that are occurring in a city. The book is also not a standard "lift the flap" type of book. Each page is unique in … [Read more...]

Dino Files A Mysterious Egg

Are you looking for an engaging chapter book series for your elementary aged child? Check out Dino Files by Stacy McAnulty! The Dino Files, A Mysterious Egg is about a boy named Frank L Mudd who is a 9-year-old dinosaur expert, his paleontologist grandparents, a cat named Saurus, and fossils that might not be so extinct! Frank spends the summers … [Read more...]

Gravitybread presents Carol Buckley

I am honored to present this interview with Carol Buckley, author and photographer for the children's book, Tarra and Bella. After reading Tarra and Bella, I contacted Carol Buckley, the author of this engaging and educational book about the strong bond between an elephant named Tarra and a dog named Bella. To check out my review, click … [Read more...]

My Leaf Book

One of my favorite things about the season of Fall is watching the leaves change color to create magnificent scenery all around me. I received this beautiful children's book titled My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington a couple of weeks ago. I have to personally thank Monica for bringing My Leaf Book into my household because it prompted a keen … [Read more...]

Gravitybread presents Olive Senior

I am happy to present the author of Anna Carries Water, Olive Senior. I really enjoyed the book, Anna Carries Water because it can teach our children about different cultures, customs and appreciation for the most basic things that many children and adults take for granted. To check out my review and sample questions to ask your children when … [Read more...]

Anna Carries Water

Do you want your child to learn about different cultures? How about appreciating clean water? I went to an author event a couple of months ago at a local bookshop for The Monkey Balloon and had the pleasure of meeting Laura James, the illustrator for this beautiful book, Anna Carries Water. Anna Carries Water written by Olive Senior is about a … [Read more...]

Chocolate Moon Cookies

I am excited to present this guest post written by Ann McCallum, author of the fantastic book, Eat Your Science Homework, Recipes for Inquiring Minds which is officially released August 6th! Ann is also the author of Eat Your Math Homework, Recipes for Hungry Minds. Ann has guest posted on Gravitybread before when sharing her recipe for Common … [Read more...]

How to Heal a Broken Wing

Do you want to help teach your child empathy? How about a love and respect for living things? I received How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham from PJ Library about a month ago and loved it. The book begins with this sentence, "High above the city, no one heard the soft thud of feathers against glass. No one saw the bird fall. No one looked … [Read more...]

Rose’s Garden

Rose's Garden (ages 5 and up) by Peter H. Reynolds is a beautifully written and illustrated story about a girl named Rose who sets off to grow her own garden with seeds that she collects from the around the world. Rose's Garden is rich with language and has multiple meanings behind the story for both a child and the reader. The story begins with … [Read more...]

Bosley’s New Friends

Do you want to teach your child about different languages? Meet Bosley, the Language Bear! Bosley's New Friends is a book in a series of dual language books by Tim Johnson. This book is very unique in that it targets many different concepts. The book itself is about a likable bear named Bosley who wants to communicate with the other animals in the … [Read more...]

Earth Day Picture Books

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown is a beautiful book about a boy named Liam who discovers a passion for growing a garden in a city without gardens or any greenery. The story begins with Liam finding a struggling garden on a railroad track. He is determined for this garden to thrive and spends all winter learning how to be the best gardener. In the … [Read more...]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (ages 1-6) is a classic children's book that I grew up with as a child. Metamorphosis is one of those amazing processes of life that both children and adults can appreciate. This story brings back many memories as a child and now I am forming the new memories with my own children. This book has always meant … [Read more...]

Drip! Drop! How Water Gets To Your Tap

Earth day is a perfect opportunity to discuss  with your child what the water cycle is, the process of creating drinking water, and water conservation. Drip! Drop! How Water Gets To Your Tap is well illustrated and clearly explains the very complex process of how water gets into your tap in simple terms for children of varying ages (I would say 4 … [Read more...]

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?

Does a cupcake grow up to be a cake? No! "Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?" (ages 4 and up) written by Susan Shea is a beautifully illustrated, silly, and informative book that is wonderful to read during mealtime and to have as part of your home library. On one side of the page, the author gives examples of what animals do grow up such as "If a … [Read more...]