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“Welcome friends! Don’t be slow. Step right up to The Nonsense Show” (quote from The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle)

In the world of children’s literature, Eric Carle is a legend. His books are timeless and are ideal for young children such as preschoolers up to early elementary school. As an adult, I still love Eric Carle’s book and use them regularly during therapy session because the illustrations and story lines are so engaging. I am excited to review Eric Carle’s new book, The Nonsense Show.  Eric Carle explains, “nonsense lies at the heart of many beloved nursery rhymes”. This book gives children the opportunity to be imaginative and think the unthinkable! A fish in a bird cage? Nonsense! A car that you drive by walking? Preposterous! As you are reading the book, there are many language and learning concepts that can be targeted that I listed below:

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  1. Ask your child, “What’s wrong in this picture?” If they need more help, ask something specific such as “Can fish live in a cage?”, “Can horses have a human head?”
  2. Encourage your child to comment! A child in a kangaroo pouch! How silly!
  3. Target actions such as “ride”, “pull”, “look”, “trade” “said”
  4. Improve Phonemic awareness. Repeat the sentence and ask your child which words rhyme to increase awareness of rhyming words and sounds.
  5. Expand Vocabulary: There is a list of synonyms for “nonsense” on the last page in the book. Write these words down and teach your child the definitions. Use some of these new words in a sentence so your child can understand the context such as “A duck with human feet? How bizarre!”
  6. Target counting. “How many heads does the one snake have?” How many people are in the car?”
  7. Teach prepositions such as “in”, “above”, “behind”, etc.
  8. Discuss size. For example, who is bigger, the cat or mouse?
  9. Teach antonyms. Ask your child, “What is the opposite of nonsense?” With all of the synonyms listed in the back, make a list of antonyms.
  10. Encourage your child’s imagination. Have your child create their own “nonsense” picture. Have your child discuss the picture and what makes it “nonsense”.

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