ishI have recently become a big fan of Peter Reynold’s books. Ish is a story of a young boy named Ramon who gets discouraged when drawing, due to some teasing from his older brother, Leon. He strives for perfection, but no drawing is good enough and therefore gets crumpled up and ends up in the garbage can. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure in this story! His younger sister, Marisol treasures these pictures and displays his crumpled masterpieces all over her bedroom wall. Ramon has no idea that this is occurring until he walks into Marisol’s room. He realizes that his pictures are beautiful and don’t have to be perfect. He starts to draw freely again and enjoy creating drawings that are creative and NOT perfect.

I love this book because I think a lot of children and adults are always striving for perfection all of the time. This book encourages a child to be creative, think, and draw freely without boundaries. A great book to be read with Willow.

Carryover Activities: Encourage your child to draw freely. Ask your child, “What did you draw?”. Describe things as -ish. For example, my daughter drew a tree and I told her that it looked tree-ish. Drawing some “tree-ish” is not only okay, it’s great. Once you get started, you will never stop using this term. A wonderful way to look at the world and a great way to start off the new year. Who needs perfection anyway?

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  1. Thank you for sharing my book, ISH. It is part of my “Creatrilogy.” I am passionate about encouraging all of us to be braver… to keep expressing ourselves… despite what others think… or what we think to ourselves… My hope is that we all keep moving forward and express ourselves bravely. Each time we do, we get braver, and more skilled at expressing ourselves. Again -many, many thanks. Peter

    • Thank you for your inspirational words! Your statements are so true and it’s up to us as parents/caregivers/educators/therapists who need to teach our children to be creative and express themselves freely.


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