Art Maker by ABC’s Play School

I highly recommend this fun and educational app. I found it when searching in the app store for apps that incorporate symbolic play. When you first open “Art Maker” you get to choose a background. The backgrounds wiggle to remind you to choose. The backgrounds vary from an ocean to a farm and even underwater. Once you choose a scene, you get to choose “characters” to go along in your scene. Some of these characters can only be chosen if you complete a puzzle (its a simple puzzle of the character or a object). This provides motive and skill to obtain the character and/or item.  Once you choose all of the characters and props for your scene, you can either take a picture or create a video. I had a great time creating these videos with both my clients and my children. With “Art Maker”, we would play out a scene. For example, I would be the prince and my daughter would be the princess. We created a whole story about a princess needing help and having to be saved by the prince. Once we took the video, we would then play it back and watch it together. This app is fun, entertaining and educational.  It incorporates symbolic and dramatic play, turn taking, staying on topic and many other pragmatic and language functions. You can even try to play out a book that you recently read. The options are endless!


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