My Day Job: SLP

I have been very fortunate with my job as a certified speech language pathologist. I have met and worked with many wonderful people that have given me the skills and the abilities that I possess today. I really love the work that I do, specifically helping children and their families.

I have always had a passion for creating books and games since I was a child. When asked what I wanted to be when I was little, I always said that I wanted to be an author [besides wanting to work at a Donut Shop or being a crossing guard :)]. I started creating my own games since my first job out of graduate school and haven’t stopped since. Since 2004, I have been working with Super Duper Publications on various projects and have been lucky to have co-authored two games and one workbook. My first game that I helped create and co author is called Webber Functional Communication Games by Super Duper Publications.  My second and most recent game is Cool in School by Super Duper Publications.  The workbook that I created and co authored is called Webber Storytime Communication Boards by Super Duper Publications. Being a part of these projects has been such a positive experience and has motivated me personally and in my career.

I recently wrote and published a children’s book called The Monkey Balloon with a friend who is a special educator. Together we worked with a wonderful illustrator who brought out story to life. To check out my children’s book, go to

My certifications include being PROMPT certified and Hanen Certified in It Takes Two to Talk.